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अभिषेणयति  Everybody will lose
शान्ति  Nobody  is satisfied but conditions keep on building for अभिषेणयति
When जीवन is about यज्ञिय then nobody realizes जीवन importance,
Then  जीवन when turns to न्याय then everybody hates जीवन,
जीवन is a zero sum game and न्याय and यज्ञिय are the opposite wheels of जीवन
 But neither अभिषेणयति nor  शान्ति can satisfy the yearnings of men, women, humans

“Only if you have प्रज्ञा of mind/emotion/intellect only 
then the mind is your greatest friend” 
- Bhagavad Geeta

                  The MIND/EMOTION/INTELLECT is classified into 3 levels - 
  1. Action/Perception Reacting Hidden-Memory Mind
  2. Emotional Relational Longest Subconscious Memory Mind
  3. Conscious Reasoning Mind

It is easy to have प्रज्ञा of reasoning mind, even more difficult to have प्रज्ञा of emotional mind 
and most difficult to have प्रज्ञा of reacting hidden-memory mind.

प्रज्ञा cannot directly control any of these minds but when mind process 
automatically reacts-responds-reasons then  प्रज्ञा  has power to make choice between
  1. Proactive action-response-reasoning

    a.  Action : Question the reason for others offense or action

    b.  Emotion : Gratitude Response

    c.  Thought : Contemplation on Oneness that everything affects everybody
  2. Reactive reaction-response-reasoning

    a.   Reaction : Survival Reaction

    b.   Emotion : Responsible Anger Response

    c.   Thought : Planning for punitive response

And this can only be done with increased practice of 
meditation and practice of conscious choice making. 

(111) Jesus said, "The heavens and the earth will be rolled up in your presence.
And the one who lives from the living one will not see death."
Does not Jesus say, "Whoever finds himself is superior to the world?"
The Gospel Of Saint Thomas

Study Of Mind And Evolution

Study of Unconscious Mind is Study of Evolution of Humankind,
Study of  Sub-conscious Mind is Study of Interpersonal Relationships,
Study of Conscious Mind is Study of Cognitive functions.
Study of Personal Conscious Mind improves Cognitive functioning,
Improved Cognitive functioning increases clarity of mind 
that improves sub-conscious mind functioning,
Growing प्रज्ञा of subconscious mind functioning
 improves interpersonal relationships.
Improvement of subconscious mind function
 makes permanent mark for future unconscious mind functioning,
Improvement of unconscious mind functioning
 makes evolution possible by transcending old patterns
 and creating new ones towards higher प्रज्ञा,
Looking for root cause of events, state, action
 leads to being a careful observer of events, state, actions
 with no attachment or judgement whatsoever
 but with sense of immense care
 which is state of unity with HolySpirit.

Excessive leads to Hell and 
Balance leads to Heaven

Excessive Attention on Consumption leads to Greed
Excessive Attention on Pleasure leads to Lust
Excessive Attention on Consumption is Excessive Attention on Foundations
Excessive Attention on Control leads to Anger
Excessive Attention on Control is Excessive Attention on Power
Greed, Lust, Anger are three gates to Hell 

Bhagavad Geeta

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