Monday, October 3, 2016


Half of the Lungs of Humanity are on tree in forest, 
Knowing that would you ever cut a live tree ?
There is no Planet-B
- Sadhguru

Population-Elephant - There is no Planet-B
The elephant in the room is human population because we cannot control human aspirations; we can only control human population.  
There is no Planet-B
-Sg - Sadhguru @SadhguruJV

All the freedom and resources provided by Democracy does require everybody to fulfill Responsibility to leave legacy and resources for future generations

Population - needs - min of air & water & clothing & food - needs - natural resources - needs - trees - affects - climate & weather - affects - droughts & floods- affects - agriculture - affects -

 food supply - affects - population

Realize reality Today of Abundance requires extreme Responsibility   
Or face Tomorrow of Scarcity and Blame the Messenger

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