Wednesday, October 12, 2016

सर्वोच्च गुरु

Be empathetic to suffering (in feeling)
Be loyal always to your family (in being)
Be rational always in 
जीवन decisions (in thinking)
Be honest to your work always (in doing)
Be strongly rooted in unattached action (Karma Yoga),
Be always steadfast in principles (Sanatana Dharma),
Be flexible in adjusting with time,
Be assertive but not aggressive,

Be aware of world of possibilities. 

Don’t use EMOTION at work,
Don’t use LOGIC at home,
Don’t use REASON when following orders and discipline,
Don’t use FAITH with money-matters
Don’t use BELIEF with science,
Don’t use BLIND-FAITH when following traditions,
Don’t use ATTACHMENT when caring,
Don’t use SELFISHNESS when you have spiritual,emotional,intellectual,material power,
Don’t misuse FAME when spiritual and don’t use GREED in temple,

Uncertainty at Individual Level and Order at Universal Level
If only results is goal of 
जीवन then person takes uncertain and changing and amoral ways to achieve results
If only moral position and values are goal of जीवन then it is uncertain results at individual level and order at universal level
If individual is fixed on moral position and also look for fixed results then neither is achievable is my experience
Krishna - Do your individual personal duty with mind fixed on me and leave results to me as results are not in your hand - KarmaYoga

Scientific Verification : Uncertainty at Quantum Level and Order at Universal Level 

- Lessons from सर्वोच्च गुरु - जीवन

RIGHT EXTREME : Hinduism - OWNING of you own action responsibility - Bhagavad-Geeta wisdom but personal responsibility
CENTER PATH : BUDDHISM - middle path of 4 noble truths and 8 fold noble path : easier path
LEFT EXTREME : Strict Discipline according to the WRITTEN word of GOD

जीवन always is सर्वोच्च गुरु 
Be attentive to its lessons and 
Obedient to its commands
   -  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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