Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Resting in Connections

Along the way to freedom you may find resting place,
Where you may find acceptance and harmonies,
Where the difference between freedom and bondage fades away,
When where bonds of caring merge with freedom of acceptance,
This is where does foundations forms connections with attention,
वैविध्य in connections with Creativity,
Power in connections with ethics,
This place you wish to rest for eternity,

Stay at place of care and acceptance of reality

Surrender to Will of  || एकमेवाद्वितीयम् || - || अहं ब्रह्मास्मि ||

What Bhagavad Geeta calls Experience of Field of Pure Potentiality
What all Science calls it Unified Quantum Field as basis of Experience
What Christians call it Experience of Joy beyond understanding
What the Buddha calls it Experience of Emptiness
What religions call it Experience of Pure Existence
That Is the यज्ञिय Field of Being untouched by time, space, information, matter, energy,
That is the यज्ञिय Field of Being of Joy and Content and Pure Attention
It is your intellect in flow creates world manifestations,
it is your intellect in surrender experiences pure bliss


May be you have given infinite causes for everything happened to you
But know you have forgotten root cause being karma of past lifetimes all
When seeing, feeling, thinking all lead to suffering all that is needed is STILLNESS
 and now you “understand” and “realize”
 the wisdom of The Gospel of Saint Thomas, 
“Be Still and know I am is God” of the Bible, 
Tao of the Tao Te Ching,
Meditation of Buddha,
Raja Yoga of Hinduism and
Zen Being of Zen Buddhism

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