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Intellect Process in terms of current language and terminology

Intellect Process in terms of current language and terminology

 1. [Time/Space/Matter/Energy/UnrecordedData] ==> (Events/sense impression/Action) ==> [SingleEventMemoryImpression=Data]

2. [Collection of Different Data] ==> (Diversity) ==> [DataRecord]
3. [DataRecord] ==> (Structure=Rules/Organization/Processes/Symbols/Tokens/ObjectiveProcessing) ==> [Information]
4. [Information] ==> (Relation And Connection between sets of information and storage) ==> [Information Relational Database and Communication Networks]

5. [Information Relational Database] ==> (Pattern-Recognition/Feedback/Learning) ==> [Intelligence]
6. [Intelligence] ==> (Purpose/Meaning/Tradition/Values/Principles/Morals = SubjectiveProcessing) ==> [Personal-Knowledge/Personal-Understanding]
7. [Knowledge] ==> (Outer-worldy Experience and Universal Perspective and wide & longterm view) ==> [Wisdom]

8. [Wisdom] ==>(Personal-Inner-subjective Experience) ==> [Intution/Inspiration/Grace]

9. [Grace] ==> (Experience of Unity Consciousness) ==> [Return to Source]


 a. Recording/Reacting Manas/Mind and Senses = Processing of

(Events/Sense Impression/Action)  

b. Neural Synapses and Networks = Connection and Networks and Memory
c. Buddhi/Reasoning LEFT MIND = Processing of (Structure/Logic)
d. Buddhi/Reasoning RIGHT MIND = Processing of 


e. Ahamkaar/Emotional/Ego Mind = Processing of (Meaning)
f. Universal Consciousness = Processing of (Outer-worldly Experience)
g. Cosmic Consciousness = Processing of (Inner-subjective Experience)

h. Holy Spirit = (Unity Consciousness) 

Application to Robotics 
using Mathematics

1. Senses/Action - Data Signal Processing for Data from/to Sensors/Actuators/Motors
[ Mechanics and Robotic Control, Instrumentation, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Sensor Signal Processing, Computer Vision ]
2. Diversity - 
Statistics, Data Redundancy Processing using Information Theory, Data Preprocessing, Feature Engineering, Discrete Mathematics
3. Structure/Processes - Math/Logical Structures and Math/Logical Processing - Computer Data Structures and Algorithms, Numerical Methods for Computational Science, Finite Automata, Matrix & Tensor, Calculus, Monte-Carlo Method,
Markov Chains
4. Connection/Network - Set Theory/Graph Theory/Network Theory
Intelligence - Machine Learning : Deep Learning, Feedback Control Theory, Pattern-Recognition, Neural-Networks, Statistical Learning
6. Meaning - Value and Subjective Decision Making - Fuzzy Logic
, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing


Data Science Essentials in Python - 
Dimitry Zinoviev 

Collect → Organize → Explore → Predict → Value

1. Collect = Collection, Diversity (L1, L2)
2. Organize = Structure, Organization, 
Processes, Connections, Networks (L3, L4)
3. Explore = Pattern Recognition (L5)
4. Predict = Learning and Intelligence (L5)
5. Value = Meaning (L6)

Study Using Mind Maps - Tony Buzan (Inventor) / Toni Krasnic
1. Preview - Exposure of Senses Perception for data collection of Theory under Study 
2. Participate - Diverse Views And Associations from data of Theory under Study
3.Process - Structure / Function / Processes / Connections / Networks from Views and Associations of Theory under Study

4. Practice - Learning and Feedback from Structure and Processes of Theory under Study

-   Retain in Memory - Purpose, Meaning and Value associated with Learning of Theory

5. Produce - Experience And Applications from Purpose, Meaning and Value of Theory under Study (can be Universal, Cosmic, Unity) - Create Mind Maps

Reading Comprehension VIEWSTAMP
The acronym uses letters from each of the
following five critical elements: 


2. DIVERSITY - VIEW = the different VIEWpoints in the passage
3. STRUCTURE  - S = the Structure of the passage
    T = the Tone of the passage
5. LEARNING from passage
    A = the Arguments in the passage
6. MEANING conveyed from the passage
    MP = the Main Point

Killoran, David M.; Stein, Steven G..

The PowerScore LSAT Reading 
Comprehension Bible 2017 Edition

(The PowerScore LSAT Bible Series)

Humanity and Technology at Singularity
Before the intelligence of technology can take over humanity at the singularity,
Raise the consciousness of humanity to levels above capability of technology which
Technology cannot understand and humans  never lose which is pure consciousness and attention

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