Sunday, October 9, 2016

Insights from जीवन of Our GrandMother

जीवन is not about judging right and wrong, 
जीवन is not just about action, emotional drama, or thought processes unless they serve higher purpose,
जीवन is not about winning or losing, what is use of winning the universe & losing the soul,
जीवन is not just about pain and pleasure, both serve for learning and evolving,
जीवन is not about dwelling in past or anticipating future, but learning from past and building the future by planning for best but ready for worst, and enjoying what you do in the present moment,
जीवन is 
कर्तव्य has given to you, for her कर्तव्य was taking stand to protect member of family that needed her most,
जीवन is about taking care of member of family that needed her most,
जीवन is about sustainable, fair and just actions that benefit everyone now and in future,
because you and we are connected in space and time, (we depend on everything in HereNow and we will be reborn to our future generations),
She rarely expressed a kind word, but her 
जीवन is insight into what GOD would be like

"Always forever cherish the people who were there for you when no one else was." - Power Of Positivity

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