Friday, October 7, 2016

Connections from Reflection of God to Evidences of Existence

Direction of Connection:
1. Proactive-focused on wholeness of system, holistic view
2. Reactivity-focused on parts of system, logical view
3. Interpretation of Relative Experience of the Truth changes relative to time, space and causation

Nature of Connection: 

 1. Active - 
2. Inertia - resistive, तमस्
3. Balanced - 
सत्त्व - wisdom of balance between inertia and active

Mode of Connection:
प्रज्ञा -Philosophy, Religious, Theological
2. Emotional/Relational -Parents, children, self, friends, family, society
3. Thought -Knowledge, creative expression
4. Action - worldly-accomplishment

परिषहा - श्रुद्धा  - क्षेम्य
Lasting Forever

That which will be lasting forever is 
 CONTENT "with" and "without"  
process of manifestation and manifested
That which will be lasting forever
 is not process of manifestation or manifested
 (perception/action/seeing or pictures),
 (emotion or drama),
 (intellect or books),
 which are only temporary
 in location and time and cause - 
and climate of planet-
process of manifestation 
will be totally different in million years)
Some are blessed be "with" 
due to the grace of past karma 
but some have to be "without" 
due to the suffering caused by past karma

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