Sunday, August 7, 2016

Natural Order

Natural Order

According to Material and Spiritual Scientists,
UN-Ordered Unstructured Unified Quantum field has unlimited potential for manifestation based on mathematical laws of probability but it has none freewill to express itself,

When the field is infused with Natural Order by Conscious Being, then space-time-energy-matter-information arise in structured form from Unified Quantum Field.

As the order

(unified field/foundations -> 
diversity/variation ->
 structure/function/process/logic -> 
relation/connections ->
 -> meaning/purpose/values ->
 universal outlook/wide-long-term view ->
 cosmic consciousness -> 
unity consciousness)
 imposed (or infused by the Lord - And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground [unified-quantum-field], and breathed into his nostrils the breath of जीवन [consciousness]; and man became a living soul. Genesis 2:7 ) on manifested increases , so does it’s State of consciousness and freewill to express itself,
God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. - Genesis 1:27
And humans became Conscious Being

But if the freewill is align in direction of object referral (if manifestation sees and expresses itself as separate from others and the environment), the order itself regresses so does freewill and State of consciousness,

But if the freewill is align in direction of unity-self-referral (if manifestation sees and expresses itself as part of and inseparable from others and the environment - like brain and heart are separate organs, brain cannot do the function of heart and heart cannot do the function of brain, but both work in harmony for the body to exist), the order rises and so does freewill and State of 

At the highest State of 
consciousness, soul is in perfect order and infinite will , united with Holy Spirit, that it does not require manifestation to express itself, although the cycle of manifestation will continue endlessly.

Entropy - Disorder and Order

Left without attention and Care and Attention,
Entropy of manifestation from Unified Quantum Field increases - Law of Thermodynamics,
The Natural Order and freewill increases with Attention and entropy decreases,
The Natural Order and freewill decreases in unaware state and entropy increases,
All Things will move from Disorder to Order with attention.

Freedom - Awareness - Responsibility

Freewill does not exist when a person 
   (even a machine without sensors for awareness) is unaware of
Present (Here Now) situation and/or does not want to or 
unable to take responsibility for the present and current (Here Now) situation.

    Freewill only increases when awareness of present (Here Now) situation
    and responsibility (of avoiding high risk / proactively facing situation / but not
    reacting) increases (may be person or machine)

Friedrich Nietzsche about his opinion on freewill does not exist 
has to taken in context of ages and times that he lived,
The age of Fredrick Nietzsche was age of Bipolar Thinking of either COMPLETE FREEWILL based on ATTACHMENTS to an IDEOLOGY, STRUCTURE, CONNECTIONS, FOUNDATIONS, MENTOR SHIP or ZERO FREEWILL based on LIVING without ATTACHMENTS to any IDEOLOGY 

Hence question emerged whether humans are machines or whether machines (including computers) are Aware and Conscious.

It is counter-intuitive that growing through firm physical, mental, emotional foundation, diversity, discipline, connections, knowledge, morality is true freedom and freewill increases and without which person is at the mercy of outer circumstances hence freewill decreases

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